Hyperkin teases Ultra Game Boy, will cost $100

Hyperkin's Ultra Gameboy. Made of aluminum.                  Sean Buckley  CNET

The market for retro gaming hardware has been around for ages, but no one knew quite how massive it could be until Nintendo came out with the NES Classic Edition in 2016. But before the Game Boy Classic Edition has a chance to become more than a rumour, peripherals manufacturer Hyperkin is releasing its own remake of the classic portable handheld.

Gizmodo was able to get its hands on the device, which Hyperkin is calling the Ultra Game Boy while in development, in Las Vegas at the electronics trade show.

The aluminium housing makes Hyperkin's Game Boy feel like a tank, but hopefully your parents have kept all your original cartridges. That backlight can also be turned off, if you want an authentic and annoying true Game Boy experience, or can be set to that greenish tint you might remember.

The new device is dubbed the "Ultra Game Boy", is said to come with some significant improvements on the original.

The Ultra Game Boy, as is the current name, includes such features that an 8 year-old me would have sold his soul for including, a backlit fully-RGB display, stereo speakers, and a USB-C rechargeable battery that can last 6 hours (no more fumbling for batteries). Solid. I love it. Hyperkin is hoping to have it ready for late Summer of this year, for under $100.

There's no way that Nintendo would have made a replica of this quality. It will play all of your classic Game Boy games, and maybe even your Game Boy Color games.



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