Google Assistant Finally Gets a Web Directory Which Enlists All Supported Services

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Google has also worked with smart headphones' maker including LG, JB, Jaybord, and Sony to include the smart assistant. HiSense, for example, unveiled three new lines of smart TVs, with one line being powered by Android TV, one line being powered by Roku, and another being powered by Alexa so no matter what digital assistant or smart platform you prefer, HiSense has you covered.

The tech major presently provides 3 Home gadgets namely the Home Max, the original Home, and the Home Mini.

Amazon's push into the home with Alexa is an aggressive move to secure domestic endpoints, which it desperately needs in order to catch up with Apple and Google's presence on iOS and Android devices.

However, the headline news was a new range of smart displays aimed squarely at challenging the Amazon Echo Show.

Above JBL smart display device
Above JBL smart display device

Google is gradually expanding its voice assistant service to more and more devices and platforms.

Case in point, Lenovo just unveiled the Smart Display a few days ago, and the announcement was immediately followed by LG debuting its own touchscreen speaker called the ThingQ WK9.

Further, Google has also announced that they will make its Google Assistant service available to more smart displays in the future. Amazon's Alexa has started its march into kitchens and living rooms around the world, ... and Google Assistant, which was released in 2016, is now used in many household appliances as well as Android smartphones. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 SoC and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. However, she trusts Google with her E-mail and location, on Google Maps. It is estimated Google Home will capture 25 percent of the smart speaker market in 2018, while Amazon's Echo will command a 68 percent. The two types of Lenovo smart displays which can be used as a picture frames when not in use will retail for $199,99 and $249.99 respectively this summer. Instead, these devices will come with better microphones and speakers.

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