Frozen iguanas are falling out of trees in Florida right now

Cold temperatures in Florida are causing green iguanas to fall from their perches.

If you see a frozen iguana and want to help, reptile keepers say it's safe to move them into the sun.

Members of media outlets tweeted photos of the event, including an iguana lying belly-up next to one writer's swimming pool.

As Floridians grapple with record cold - and a blanket of snow in some parts of the state - there's a new complication that's more pressing than closing Disney parks and record lines outside hardware stores for space heaters: Iguanas.

In January 2010, temperatures stayed low enough for two weeks straight to kill a large portion of the iguana population.

"Many pythons were reported dead, floating in the Everglades", a statement from FWC said.

But it would take a longer run of cold days to do kill the invasive nuisance, which eat landscaping, dig burrows that undermine foundations and produce droppings that can carry salmonella bacteria.

The worst part? Like the "stunned" in "cold-stunned" implies, nearly none of them are actually dead. They may be easier to remove from your property at this time.

"When the water temperatures drop, stunned sea turtles may float listlessly in the water on or near shore", the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission said. Wildlife officials say they may appear dead but often are still alive.



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