FCC chair Ajit Pai backs out of CES appearance

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It may be why the Consumer Technology Association, which is running CES 2018, announced today that Pai will be "unable to attend" a panel featuring his fellow FCC commissioners and FTC administrators.

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not immediately respond to Recode, a spokesperson for the Consumer Technology Association, which hosts the event, declined to comment, and an FCC spokesman for Pai said the agency does "not comment on security measures or concerns".

After a meeting voting to end net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai answers a question from a reporter, Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017, in Washington.

Given Pai's cancellation, only Ohlhausen will appear with Shapiro during the session. Now that his plan has passed, it appears that Pai has simply made a decision to avoid his critics altogether.

Shapiro spoke to Digital Trends and said that Pai did not tell him why he was canceling the appearance. Making matters worse, Pai's talking points regarding the benefits of eradicating net neutrality often amounted to clumsily vague promises about increased innovation.

It looks like Ajit Pai can't handle the desert heat.

The Federal Communications Commission chairman was to debate his decision to overturn net neutrality rules. State attorneys general have vowed to sue the FCC to stop the repeal order and state preemption.

Three other FCC commissioners, including the two other Republican members, are still expected to attend.



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