Fans stockpile Irn-Bru before recipe change sees sugar content halved

The new recipe will contain half as much sugar

A spokesman from AG Barr, which is acting ahead of the Government's planned sugar tax on fizzy drinks in April, said: "From January 2018, Irn-Bru will continue to be made using the same secret Irn-Bru flavour essence, but with less sugar".

AG Barr said bottles and cans featuring both the old and new recipes may appear on shelves together "for a time", urging fans of the drink to keep in mind to check the label. "Don't do it Barr - please!"

Changes to Irn-Bru's sugar content were announced in March past year and will see the amount per can reduce from 8.5 teaspoons to four, going from just under 140 calories to around 65 calories.

'We ran lots of taste tests that showed most people can't tell the difference - nine out of 10 regular Irn-Bru drinkers told us we had a good or excellent taste match.

A staple of early morning school bus journeys and Saturday morning hangovers, Irn Bru has played a key role in British history since its introduction in 1901.

But manufacturer AG Barr has made a decision to halve that to make Irn Bru less vulnerable to new anti-obesity regulations and higher taxes.

The reduction in Irn-Bru's sugar content from 8.5 teaspoons to four, taking a can from just under 140 calories to about 65 calories, was announced in March.

If anyone can get used to Diet Irn Bru, they can definitely get used to the reduced sugar version.

"The vast majority of our drinkers want to consume less sugar so that's what we're now offering", a spokesperson said.

FANS of Irn-Bru may notice a slight change to Scotland's other national drink in the coming weeks.

"I would far rather pay more for a bottle than have an altered recipe version", wrote Ryan Allen, who instigated the petition.

Devotees of Irn-Bru, Scotland's most popular soft drink, are buying and hoarding cans of their favorite beverage after hearing that its sugar levels are about to be halved.

'I've been drinking Irn Bru all my life. "Give it a try when it comes out".

A recent survey found more than a third of Scottish children consume a non-diet soft drink at least once a day.

'I've had my concerns about artificial sweeteners for a while now - especially as they don't sit well with my stomach.

Claire Fleming, acting national director of Diabetes Scotland, said: "It is great news that Irn Bru is reformulating and reducing its sugar content".

An online petition titled "Hands off our Irn Bru" has attracted more than 7,000 signatures.



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