CDC prepares for nuclear event amid tension with N. Korea

US CDC to host nuclear strike preparedness presentation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has scheduled a briefing for later this month on how to plan and prepare for a nuclear detonation.

The briefing includes experts in radiation studies and public health officials who will explain how the USA has prepared for a nuclear event.

The webcast will feature input from Dan Sosin, the deputy director and chief medical officer for the CDC's Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, Robert Whitcomb, the chief of the Radiation Studies Branch, and Capt. Michael Noska, radiation safety officer and senior advisor for health physics with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. "Grand rounds" are a type of meeting or symposium in which members of a public health community come together to discuss topics of interest or public importance.

Both former Vice President Joe Biden and Admiral Mike Mullen have said in recent days that they worry the USA has never been closer to nuclear war with North Korea.

The timing is sure to be uncomfortable for the more anxious among us, since just a few days ago, President Trump continued the nuclear staredown on Twitter. In December state officials started testing the nuclear attack warning siren, which was heard for the first time in the state in more than three decades.

Plus, the CDC's online announcement of the meeting is accompanied by a very comforting photograph of a mushroom cloud.

The tensions between the two countries have been rising steadily and recent years have seen North Korea display increasing strength in its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development.

"The bottom line is, (this is) not new", Susan K. Laird said.

The briefing, for CDC employees, is part of a monthly series at the agency meant to "further strengthen CDC's common scientific culture and foster discussion and debate on major public health issues".



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