Aetna Moving To NYC? Not So Fast

Aetna Moving To NYC? Not So Fast

NY officials have withdrawn a $9.6 million incentive package offered to Aetna move its corporate headquarters from Hartford to Manhattan.

Aetna's announcement June 29 that it would move to NY was a blow to Hartford and CT.

CVS confirmed to Channel 3 that the company has "no plans to relocate Aetna's operations from Hartford".

But after the deal was struck, CVS said in regulatory filings that all locations were under review, putting in doubt Aetna's proposed $85 million Manhattan headquarters. In a statement Wednesday night, the company said it didn't have anything else to add to that.

When he asked who wants to relocate to New York City, "everybody's hand went up", he said.

We were in Hartford yesterday and met with the Mayor.

CVS has said that Aetna will be operated as a "stand-alone" business.

New York City economic development officials said they were rescinding a previous offer of some $9.6 million in tax breaks.

Aetna appears to be staying in Hartford, according to the Hartford Courant.

Carolyn Castel, who is the vice president for corporate communications for CVS Health, said CVS officials met with the mayor of Hartford on Thursday and they chose to not move Aetna's operations from Connecticut's capital city.

The administration of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently canceled an incentive package to Aetna, throwing sand into the gears of any possible move. It has a workforce of nearly 50,000 and employs about 6,000 people in CT.



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