Rome's Christmas tree 'Mangy' needled for heavy shedding

Rome's €50,000 Christmas tree has been declared dead

The Christmas tree placed in Piazza Venezia at the cost of almost €50,000 of taxpayers' money is dead and droopy, a spokesperson for Rome's environment department confirmed to Corriere della Sera on Monday. Despite the tree's 600 silver-coloured decorative balls, the half-bare branches lend the square a forlorn rather than festive look.

Romans have dubbed the tree "Spelacchio", which translates as threadbare or shabby, due to the fact it was missing most of its needles.

Some have likened it to a toilet brush or to a plucked chicken, while others called it the "world's saddest Christmas tree". Romans yesterday were mourning the untimely death of the Eternal City's tree, affectionately nicknamed "Baldy".

A consumer group has demanded an investigation into possible abuse of public funds after the city of Rome spent almost €50,000 on a lacklustre Christmas tree.

The fir has become the butt of jokes across social media and portrayed as the latest perceived sign of Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi's supposed unfortunate administration. Now officials have even opened an investigation into why it is ailing.

"It is clearly dead and it is a shameful spectacle for citizens and tourists", said the consumers' group Codacons, according to Sky News.

"It has no roots, but that is the practice", a representative from Rome's environmental department said.

But the case added to the bad image of a city that has fallen into degradation, with streets full of pot holes, piles of rubbish and unkempt public gardens.

A wide range of Romans - including environmentalists and professional gardeners - have opined that a tree of a more robust variety also would have survived for longer before starting to shed.



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