Roger Goodell's new contract will be his last as National Football League commissioner

Roger Goodell's new contract will be his last as National Football League commissioner

Goodell and the National Football League owners agreed on a five-year extension, that could pay him up to $200 million if bonuses are met.

"I haven't made any determinations", said Goodell about his future plans.

Goodell has been the league's commissioner since 2006, and recently signed a five-year contract extension worth $40 million per year.

Lockhart also noted Goodell will spend time helping the league identify his potential successor over the next seven years. The commissioner was a great listener and responded and was very supportive of doing not only the right thing for himself personally and his position, but thinking about the league, thinking about what owners are expressing.

"The commissioner has been clear he views this as his final contract", Joe Lockhart, the NFL's executive vice president of communications and public affairs, said at the league's winter meeting in Irving, Texas.

"As with any organization you have to evolve and you have to make changes", said Jones.

Goodell overcame the challenge from Jones, who threatened to sue over the extension in a dispute that arose after Goodell's decision to suspend star Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott for six games over domestic violence allegations in a case prosecutors didn't pursue. I'm looking forward to the challenges. "I think that Jerry, he loves the league, he loves the Cowboys, he's very passionate about issues that he cares deeply about, which is great". "There are better ways to do this and we just have to come to agreement on that".

Jones has denied that the suspension was the impetus for his objections over Goodell's contract.

According to Blank, owners will consider a proposal at the annual league meeting in March to revise the structure of the compensation committee and how it is chosen. The vote to authorize the committee to negotiate with Goodell was unanimous, meaning Jones voted in favor of the approval.

The other owners, most notably Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who did talk to reporters did so in small groups. "I spoke to him. on the phone about a week and a half ago".

"Do I look like I took it personally", Goodell asked, then looked at Jones who was in the room, "Jerry, do I look like I take it personally? No".

From a business standpoint, Jones never felt the league should be paying an employee so much money when the person had no leverage.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn't get what he wanted, but that didn't stop him from getting in a shot.

While Jones didn't get his way in blocking or tabling the extension for six months as he proposed, he did get to walk away feeling some accomplishment over how the commissioner's contract will be handled going forward.



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