North Korea would be 'utterly destroyed' in war

North Korea

The US in response warned that Kim Jong-Un's regime would be "utterly destroyed" if its pursuit of a long-range nuclear missile arsenal provokes a military clash.

Speaking last night, US President Donald Trump said: "Thank you very much, as you have probably heard, and some have you have reported, a missile was launched a little while ago from North Korea". "The nations of the world have it within their power to further isolate, diminish and, God willing, reverse the unsafe course of the North Korean regime".

"Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today", Trump tweeted Wednesday after the isolated Asian nation tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile that it claims can strike anywhere on the US mainland.

North Korean leader Kim said the test of the Hwasong-15 weapons system had helped his country achieve the goal of becoming a full nuclear power, as the global community expressed outrage.

"I will only tell you that we will take care of it".

On Wednesday, Mr Trump wrote on Twitter that he had talked with President Xi Jinping of China about "additional major sanctions" against North Korea.

"That would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this worldwide pariah", she said. "We're really asking them to please restrain more of the oil, not cut it off completely", Tillerson said at the State Department. And given what's known about the rest of North Korea's weapons program, he says, it's better to err on the side of caution. South Korea and Japan could be expected to consider their own deterrents, out of fear the US would never truly put its homeland at risk, but would cut a deal at their expense. North Korea hasn't quite crossed these, admittedly vague, red lines, but it continues to push the limits. "This situation will be handled!"

Vice Chairperson Pak Kwang-Ho of the party's decision-making Central Committee told the crowd that, after Wednesday's test launch, "now no one can infringe our sovereignty and rights to survive and develop", according to the daily.

Last week, Trump announced new U.S. unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang and returned it to a USA list of state sponsors of terror. Military action - a choice that could lead to many lives lost in Seoul, and even in the U.S. - or diplomacy, an option the president has largely dismissed.

"It is essential to take a step back", said Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, who urged Washington "to revise its policy of mutual threats and intimidation". China risks further alienating a paranoid ally at a time Beijing is supporting increasingly tough United Nations sanctions on North Korea's economy in response to its missile and nuclear tests. In October 2006 North Korea conducted the first of what has thus far been six underground nuclear tests.

North Korea has said the missile it tested on Wednesday held a warhead capable of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

South Korea may have all the technology and the money, but the North has a purity of objective, in Kim's mind, that will ultimately give it control of the entire Korean Peninsula.

The two-stage liquid-fuel missile fired Wednesday is potentially capable of striking targets as far as 13,000 kilometers (8,100 miles), which would put Washington within reach, South Korea's Defense Ministry said Friday in a report to lawmakers.

At least one Western expert said the missile's lofted trajectory suggested an actual range of 13,000 kilometers - enough to hit every major United States city.

Troops cheered, laughed and smiled as a huge firework display lit up Kim Il-Sung Square in Pyongyang following the successful test of the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday.

Another unknown is whether or not North Korea has the technology to protect the re-entry vehicle that would house the warhead.

It then crashed into the waters within Japan's economic exclusion zone.

Over the past year, the Security Council has imposed biting sanctions on Pyongyang aimed at choking off revenue to its military programs.

America's previous misunderstanding of North Korea - as either a joke or an irrational and incapable state - has, in some ways, led us to this point. Part of Kim's vision, some of those who have watched him most closely speculate, is to sow doubt in Asia that the US would really come to their allies' aid - and splinter the alliance that has teamed up against North Korea for 70 years.

Canada said it would host a meeting of foreign ministers to discuss the North Korean threat.



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