Fla. mayor accused of using dead people's IDs

Darlene Bradley posted $2,250 bond after authorities booked her into the Polk County Jail

The Polk County Sheriff's Office released video that shows Davenport Mayor Teresa Bradley, 60, parking her Ford Crown Victoria in a handicapped spot at Davenport City Hall on Monday and exiting her auto without any assistance.

According to a media release, deputies witnessed her parking in one of the designated handicapped parking spots, placing the placard on her mirror before exiting her auto and removing the placard again once she returned to her vehicle.

Deputies received a tip last month that Mayor Teresa "Darlene" Bradley was parking in a handicap spot despite not having any ailments or a placard assigned to her.

Video taken in the parking lot to Davenport City Hall on Monday appears to show Bradley parking her Ford Crown Victoria in a designated handicap spot on Monday, but she exits the auto with no assistance.

When authorities searched her home, they found two placards. "She not only violated the law, she embarrassed the citizens of Davenport with her illegal conduct", Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

During the investigation, deputies said they discovered that Bradley used the handicapped placard number of A7324747, which had been issued to a woman named Evelyn Klinger Letterman, who died in 2012.

They said the video also showed her taking a large wheeled briefcase out of her trunk and walking into City Hall without assistance.

The second placard that the mayor had been using was issued to a person who died in 2015.

WPBF reported that she had been booked and released on a $2,250 bond.

Bradley faces charges including criminal use of deceased person's identification, unlawful use of a handicapped placard, and possession of altered or counterfeit decal.

Bradley could not be reached for comment.



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