CSGO Rumour - PUBG-esque Battle Royale Mode Coming

Valve News Network has delved into files found in a string of patches for the game, dating back to May 2016, and looked at how they might be setting up to compete with the enormous, global success of PUBG and popular imitator Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Valve has been long-established in the first-person shooter scene with the likes of Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Portal - but their eSports giant in CS:GO has made them the center of a lot of the eSports world from the very beginning.

It should be noted that the first traces of "Survival" in CS:GO found before the official announcement PUBG (and especially to its explosive popularity), so the idea of Valve cannot be called a direct response to the game Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene). Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive really getting a battle royale mode?

Other files point to adrenaline shots, sonar pulses and MK2 grenades.

Of course, Valve tends to work in mysterious ways, so all these clues being found in Counter-Strike update code doesn't mean a battle royale-style survival mode is a sure thing. These files first started appearing a year ago, so it is something that Valve has been mulling over for a while it seems. It is possible that this is just Valve experimenting with new ideas that won't necessarily see the light of day.

KitGuru Says: Battle Royale style games have grown hugely successful this year. In the end, it was after the launch PUBG when Steam began to dominate users from China. Whether or not Valve actually chooses to release this remains to be seen though.



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