Big Six-Man Main Event, Dolph Ziggler, New Day, More

Bryan announced that in the main event of the night, Owens and Zayn will team up with Modern-Day Maharaja to take on the team of Nakamura, The Viper and WWE World Champions AJ Styles. They argue over Sunday night, and Bryan talks about how bad of a businessman Shane has been in regards to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. If the idea was to make Bryan a heel, then they would have done it in a very different way. Unlike in the tag match, this didn't really further any storylines though, so it's far less forgivable. Shane takes a deep breath and says he trust Daniel and to have a good show, and walks out.

With the newfound hype behind Rusev and English it should be interesting to see if WWE decides to give them a SmackDown Live Tag Team Title run soon.

Gable struggles early, but there's a bit of a story in these matches that he often does and Shelton rights the ship for them.

This match went the way of every other Bludgeon Brothers' match.

In another match, Charlotte defended the SmackDown Women's Championship against Natalya in a Lumberjack Match, with the ring surrounded by superstars. The Riott Squad comes out and Naomi tells them they will fail in the Rumble because it's a match that's about surviving the numbers, not taking advantage of them.

Naomi and Charlotte vs.

Here's Dolph Ziggler to say he knew he belonged around here with the US Title being proof.

As one of two special guest referees at Sunday's pay-per-view event, Bryan delivered a fast count as Sami Zayn pinned Randy Orton to give him and Kevin Owens a victory and consign the Viper and Shinsuke Nakamura to a loss. Rusev and Aiden English, dressed as Santa and Frosty respectively, show up to plug the Happy Rusev Day shirt. Sorry New Day, Rusev clearly had the better costume here.

Kevin Owens and Zayn bring Daniel Bryan some champagne. English (Frosty) and Kofi (gingerbread man) start things off with Kofi being sent outside for a little dance.

Some back and forth, and the crowd wants pancakes. Daniel tells him to stop smiling or he's going to fire them himself. AJ Styles ended up winning cleanly with a calf crusher, but not before a strong match between him and Jinder Mahal.

Despite almost reaching the ropes, Mahal was forced to submit when AJ rolled him back into the middle of the ring, dashing his hopes of regaining the WWE Championship.

Bryan and Shane McMahon took to the ring, with Shane talking about the fact that he lost focus when he stopped counting the pin for Sami Zayn and acted out of revenge.



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