Tesla boss Elon Musk teases flying version of Roadster supercar on Twitter

Tesla boss Elon Musk teases flying version of Roadster supercar on Twitter

Tesla is fresh off a splashy reveal of its upcoming electric semi truck and a surprise unveiling of a world-beating new Tesla Roadster, but a new report from Bloomberg portends some trouble on the horizon if the company keeps burning cash at a rate of nearly $500,000 every hour without more money from investors or a greater return from its fledgling Model 3.

If Tesla is already spending $1 billion a quarter getting the Model 3 up and running, imagine how much money will need to be spent to get the two new vehicles off the ground.

"I am eager for NFI to continue moving toward this next chapter where sustainability plays an even larger role in the story", said Ike Brown, NFI's vice chairman and president. Walmart operates almost 6,000 semis in the U.S. In the five years since Tesla started producing its Model S, the company has sold about 200,000 cars.

During the event, Musk pronounced the Roadster 2.0 as the fastest production vehicle in the market, period. The CEO rattled specs that elicited screams of excitement from the audience, including acceleration of 0-60Mph in 1.9 seconds, top speeds of 250Mph, and the range of 600 miles in a single charge. He leads rocket maker SpaceX and is dabbling in other projects, including high-speed transit, artificial intelligence research and a new company that's digging tunnels beneath Los Angeles to alleviate traffic congestion. It is the company's first electric sports vehicle.

Tesla boss Elon Musk teases flying version of Roadster supercar on Twitter
Tesla boss Elon Musk teases flying version of Roadster supercar on Twitter

Medium-duty trucks and delivery vans are also seeing inroads from manufacturers responding to growing market demand. Those trucks can have a more limited range of 100 miles (160 kilometers) or less, which requires fewer expensive batteries.

Long-haul semi trucks, on the other hand, would be expected to go greater distances, and that would be challenging.

Unsurprisingly, the big noises were made in North America, with small fleets of what over there are described as "tractors" rather than prime movers, claimed by a handful of companies. Experts say any electric semi, regardless of size, would be more expensive than diesel counterparts because of the pricey batteries. Those gains make electric trucks less costly to maintain than diesel trucks, he said. It faces stiff competition from long-trusted brands like Daimler AG, which unveiled its own semi prototype last month. "It probably is, based on the specs provided, but this isn't necessarily a slam dunk", said Rebecca Lindland, an executive analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

Another US grocery firm, Meijer, has had links with Tesla since 2010 related to its electric vehicle charging station network and now has five at various premises.



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