Patreon games: Kickstarter launches Drip to help fund individual creators

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Kickstarter is getting into the membership business: The crowdfunding pioneer launched a new service called Drip Wednesday that allows users to support creators with regular contributions, as opposed to one-off campaigns. As previously reported, Drip was described as a curated platform that gives creators and communities a place to interact through a sustained subscription. "We believe creator independence means not being locked into a platform by design", said Chen. Creators will be able to use Drip as a platform to share and receive payment for their work.

Like Patreon, Drip creators will be able to offer exclusive content and rewards for their supporters.

"If we were in a revenue-maximizing situation, this would not be the smartest decision", Kickstarter's new chief product officer, Jamie Wilkinson, told the Verge. Creators will be able to set up different subscription tiers and subscribers can support them every month or with each release of new material. It can be quite hard to get a Patreon off the ground, but Drip can theoretically tap into the 13m+ Kickstarter community.

"A key mandate for the design of Drip has been creator independence".

The tool will apparently be opened up to other creators early next year. Drip is open to subscribers from today. We are proud Drip will inform the mission at one of the most respected companies in artistic support. The goal is the same - helping people bring their creative work to life.

According to Chen, Drip is created to meet the needs of content creators who can't quite find the features they want in services like Patreon. This feature will replicate the urgency of Kickstarter's all-or-nothing mechanism, where a project is only successful if it reaches its funding target within a set period of time. "They shouldn't feel stuck to a platform because those things aren't easy to move", reads a Kickstarter blog post explaining how Drip champions creator freedom. In line with this, Drip creators will not be tied to the platform and will be able to export their data, content and live subscribers to alternative platforms easily.



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