NYC terror suspect allegedly asked to hang ISIS flag in hospital room

Shortly before midnight the president took it a step further posting a message on Twitter declaring that the suspect Sayfullo Saipov should be executed. Reuters file

Officials have not publicly identify the suspect, who was taken into custody and hospitalized, but confirmed he is 29 years old.

The driver, who moved to America legally in 2010, moved down pedestrians and cyclists at high speed down a bike path on Lower's Manhattan's West Side, as children and their parents prepared to celebrate Halloween on Tuesday afternoon. According to the complaint, Saipov also had a bag of knives, but left them in the truck before exiting.

Judith Miller joins City Journal associate editor Seth Barron to discuss the most recent Islamic terrorist attack in New York City. Five Argentines and a Belgian were among the victims in NY.

The person in touch with Kadirov's family says the two men knew each other only from their days as fellow drivers for the ride-sharing app Uber and were not close friends.

"The evidence shows - and again, it's only several hours, and the investigation is ongoing - but that after he came to the United States is when he started to become informed about ISIS and radical Islamic tactics", Cuomo said.

Law enforcement says they believe the suspect acted as a lone wolf, not as part of a wider terror plot.

The State Department program annually grants visas to 50,000 immigrants hailing from countries with historically low US immigration.

For now, Tuesday's attack in NY is a somber reminder that we're not out of the woods yet, and we never will be so long as men and women out there believe what ISIS believes. Uzbek militants have long fought in Afghanistan, where they were allied with the Taliban, and they have launched attacks on USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops. Turkish authorities said the attacker was linked to an Islamic State-inspired group and received training in Afghanistan.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack could intensify the political debate over immigration and security. Trump has argued for much tougher screening of immigrants to prevent terrorism, and opponents of those policies have sought to block his efforts in the courts. This is of concern because a number of young men from Uzbekistan have been connected to ISIS in the past. "Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!"

Vehicle rammings have been a frequent tactic deployed by IS sympathizers in the West, including in Barcelona, London, Stockholm and in Nice, where a Tunisian suicide truck bomber killed 86 people on Bastille Day previous year.

Miller also provided an updated timeline of the attack during Wednesday's briefing. "We have to expect that as the capital of the caliphate has now fallen, there are going to be increasing efforts to show that they remain unsafe and lethal, and to expand the virtual caliphate".

"He was associated with ISIS, and he was radicalized domestically", Cuomo said. The weapons he was brandishing turned out to be a pellet gun and a paintball gun, police said. Neighbors said he recently lived at least part-time in Paterson, New Jersey, not far from NY.

"They claimed him as a soldier, good luck", the president said. After entering the country, he reportedly went from OH to Tampa, Florida and then to Paterson, New Jersey, where he lived with his wife and three children for several years. Around that time, she said, he cut off contact with them. "He stopped talking to us when he got married", Abdusamatova said. The investigators declined to answer any questions. "It will endure", Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Amber Tyree says in court papers.

At the bike path, two men holding coffee cups approached the line police tape early Wednesday.

One Belgian and two Americans were also killed, police said. Six people died at the scene and two others died at a hospital, officials said.

Barrett and Berman reported from Washington.



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