'I'm a Filipino' says white transracial man (who also wants gender change)

Adam who has withheld his “old” surname now identifies as a Filipino called Ja Du

Turns out Ja Du is transracial, WTSP reported. Ja Du is transsexual and determined to change his gender.

As well as changing his name, Ja has also started driving around in a purple Tuk Tuk - a type of small motorised rickshaw that is popular in Southern Asia, especially in the Philippines.

"I'd watch the history channel sometimes for hours you know whenever it came to that and you know nothing else intrigues me more but things about Filipino culture".

Scheckner had some wise words for family members and others who may be critical of Ja Du's identity.

The man, formerly known as Adam, lives in Florida and now goes by the name Ja Du after spending years studying Filipino food, music, and culture.

She said, "If that's who they are and they want to celebrate it and enjoy it, then you have to think: What harm is it doing?"

"I believe people will [take advantage] just like other people have taken advantage of their identity to get their way, but the difference between me and them ... is that I don't want that", he told WTSP. "All they want to do is throw themselves into that culture and celebrate it", she said. He added, "I think that we all have the freedoms to pursue happiness in our own ways".

In 2015, Rachel Dolezal created controversial headlines after it was revealed that despite having been the head of her local branch of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coluored People) in Spokane, Washington, she had been born into a white family.

'If I would have had time to really, you know, discuss my identity, ' Dolezal told the BBC at the time.

While Du identifies as a transracial Filipino, Du hasn't told their family and is anxious they'll laugh at the idea of a person changing their ethnicity.

Never mind the fact that adopting a particular ethnic disposition may suddenly make one more marketable and in some cases eligible for certain benefits, jobs and scholarships, where they may have not previously been before.

In Ja Du's case that brings another big change.

So you liberals are fine with men becoming women but not whites becoming Filipino?



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