Excused Menendez juror: He's not guilty

Excused Menendez juror: He's not guilty

"He's not guilty on all counts", Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby told reporters Thursday outside the federal courthouse in Newark, New Jersey.

She said she wrapped up her civic duty with some parting words for her fellow jurors.

"I feel like the government was very corrupted, not that Menendez was". Robert Menendez accepted gifts from a wealthy Florida ophthalmologist can't agree on whether they were bribes or acts of generosity between two good friends, a juror dismissed from the case said Thursday. Bob Menendez's bribery trial said that she and most of the other jurors believe he is not guilty of a crime. "I think the government was the crooked one, not Menendez". Judge William Walls had promised that she could be excused if jury deliberations did not conclude by the end of the week.

She said jurors are also struggling over whether Menendez is guilty of failing to report those gifts on his annual Senate disclosure forms. "If this man wants to take him on any flight and that's his friend, why does it have to be a gift?" So they got it confused.

Arroyo-Maultsby's reasoning for doubting the government's case and holding that the men were "not guilty on all counts" echoed numerous arguments made by defense attorneys during the nine-week trial.

The 12-person jury in the case has not reached a unanimous verdict after three full days of deliberations and will resume their discussions Monday with an alternate juror in Arroyo-Maultsby's place.

A juror in the bribery trial of Sen.

"It's come that time to discharge the jury pursuant to our agreement", US.

The jury began deliberations late Monday afternoon after hearing almost eight hours of attorneys' closing arguments and roughly nine weeks of testimony. That keeps the composition of the jury at seven women and five men. Court will be closed on Friday for Veterans Day. The alternate juror has been present through the extent of the trial hearing both sides present their cases and evidence, as well as closing arguments, in the event that the service of said juror would be required.

He has been on trial for more than two months on allegations that he met with various government officials to help his rich doctor friend, Salomon Melgen, resolve an $8.9 million billing dispute with Medicare and secure visas for Melgen's mistresses, among other political favors.



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