Colorado ranked last on 'fattest states in America' list

Credit WalletHub

Rates are lower for children and adolescents but have risen steadily nearly every year.

The website also ranked SC 9th in a list of the "fattest states in America".

The states that took the top five spots were mostly in the Southeast: Mississippi, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana, according to WalletHub.

The state received top five in having the lowest percentage of obese adults in America, also in the lowest percentage of obese children. That title goes to Colorado.

The report breaks down which states have the most obese children, the highest percent of physically inactive adults, and the highest percent of adults with type 2 diabetes.

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, analysts compared 19 metrics - including the share of overweight and obese population to sugary-beverage consumption among adolescents to obesity-related health care costs - to compile the list.

WalletHub says that, this year, Americans are expected to spend more than $68 billion on programs created to help them shed extra pounds. Diabetes patients spend annually an average of $7,900 on health care costs, according to the release.

New findings by the Physical Activity Council suggests a more aggressive approach to combat this issue.



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