Are You Afraid of the Dark? Movie in Development With It Writer

It has now emerged that Paramount has hired Gary Dauberman, the writer behind several horror movies including It and Annabelle: Creation, to write the script and produce a film version of the show.

Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? And like all good '90s childhood nostalgia, it must be adapted into a film.

The anthology series-which ran from 1990 to 2000-followed a group of teenagers called the Midnight Society that gathered around a campfire at a secret location in the woods where they shared stories about ghosts, vampires, Bigfoot, and other paranormal occurrences.

Apart from Dauberman, no additional producers, cast, or staff have been announced regarding the Are You Afraid of the Dark? adaptation. Are You Afraid of the Dark? touched on all the basics ― dolls, clowns, what have you ― and gave, um, certain writers nightmares that they recall to this day...

Paramount Players, overseen by former Awesomeness founder Brian Tobbins, is developing feature projects based on Paramount properties found on labels such as Nick, MTV and Comedy Central. "Because Paramount Players is partnered with Viacom, the company will likely be able to use Viacom's brands" resources which includes, you guessed it, Nickelodeon.

One of the screenwriters for It is working on bringing Are You Afraid of the Dark to the big screen.



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