Sylvester Stallone gave some fatherly advice on 'This Is Us'

You guys, This Is Us might make some missteps here and there, but these extra moments spent with William are not one of them. Jack was hesitant to have sex with Rebecca because of the emotions his 12-step program had brought on.

Rebecca picks up Jack in a nice auto, but things don't go as planned when it comes to the sex.

Kevin's visions of his father are contrasted with scenes from the past: Jack is going to AA meetings while maintaining his distance from Rebecca.

Vulnerability is not something Pearson men excel at, but Rebecca's patience to wait until whenever he's ready is commendable and lovely. But Jack is in no shape to kick back and fool around in the auto like they're teenagers - he's struggling through recovery and, like Kevin in the present day, is vying to confront those painful feelings and memories from childhood. This week, though, it's put to the test as they get the call: They're getting their foster child - and she's on her way. Now. Lately, fans have been seeing a lot about the couple's darker days. It was an incredibly touching moment and great to see the writers still incorporating William despite the fact that he's gone. She retaliated, smashed a photo of William and ran off in fury. Randall received a letter back from a woman who claimed she was his mother and she asked to meet him in the park. Randall and expecting everything to be like what it's like in the books, and taking most of his cues from said books, it's nothing like what he expects.

While Kate (mostly sidelined this week as "Deja Vu" focuses on the Pearson men's personal battles against stoic, stereotypical masculinity) is happy and moved by seeing her father's hero, however, Kevin is shutting down, refusing to talk about Jack's death and certainly not appreciating Kate telling his famous scene partner about it. She already knows this, and she also knows he'll talk about it in his own time.

In the present day, Randall and Beth are impatiently waiting for someone to send a child for them to foster. When the phone rings, Randall gets excited but Beth has to calm him down. And while Kevin's secret addiction battle with pills - because a show like this doesn't introduce a bottle of pain medication to just show a character's consumer loyalty to CVS - might be a touch cliche, it's nice Kevin's storyline finally feels like it's getting some more emotional meat on its bones.

But this time it's the call Randall wants. It is a lovely sentiment, but then he follows it up with the news of her mother and Deja storms off. Speeches fix a lot of things in the Pearson family, but they may not be powerful enough to reach Deja just yet.

The next morning, Deja explains that the cigarettes are her mom, and she wanted to have them to give them back. Annie (Faithe Herman) said. The evening ends with Deja interrogating Randall and Beth's daughters about the rules of the house.

Things don't seem to improve when, that night, Deja and Beth fight about the latter finding cigarettes in her room. They are such dynamic characters and it's awesome to see how they tackle problems in their life.

We all know that Kevin's on a movie, directed by Ron Howard. "Kate, it's really hard for me with Dad", Kevin admits as their conversation nears its end.

Sylvester Stallone's guest stint on This Is Us leads to a whopper of a reveal about Kevin Pearson.

Kate has always been the character to reminisce over her father, but Kevin doesn't want to talk about any of it. Like his father, Kevin keeps it all bottled up. Kevin shrugs it off, saying it happened "a long time ago" while trying to change the subject, but Stallone - again, surprisingly invested - won't let it go.

"In my experience, Kevin, there is no such thing as a long time ago", Stallone said. "There's only memories that mean something and memories that don't". Kevin keeps fumbling his lines, struggling to stay in the moment as memories of his father creep in and haunt him. He has flashbacks of his times with Jack and blames Kate for telling Stallone. Later, after Kevin botches an action sequence because he hurts his bad knee (on the same leg that Teen Kevin has a cast on when Jack died), he reaches out to Kate for forgiveness and comfort. Holding back tears, he tells Kate that it's "hard for him with dad". He then pops a painkiller while Kate looks at her dad's urn and says, "he's just like you". Kevin accuses her of being damaged and lonely all the time.

Could this be some foreshadowing? Of course, Jack burying his feelings didn't really work out so well for him, what with the alcoholism and all.

He was the heart-throb actor who had a career crisis and reconnected with his love, but we never really got into his mind or heart ... and it turns out that was by design. It's not one of the jaw-dropping, tear-jerking twists the show is famous for, but it's a sly (pun intended) turn on expectations.

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 10, 2017, premiere episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.



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