PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is the Latest Victim of Review Bombing

PlayerUnknown Battleground

Coincidentally, the in-game ad claims to boost connection to worldwide servers, which seems targeted and comes off pretty slimy.

PUBG has now been hit with almost 10,000 negative reviews as a result of the in-game advertisements. The ad itself isn't necessarily the issue, though. Players have expressed on Steam that with paying for the game, advertisements shouldn't be included.

We're crossing our fingers that other regions will not start seeing in-game ads in PUBG, but this report does not bode well. It does not remove the flagged influx of negative reviews but attempts to show potential buyers the distortion in feedback and allow them to investigate the reason for the review bomb for themselves.

There are plenty of Steam reviews from the other side of the fence complaining about laggy Chinese players warping around the environment, making them especially hard and unpredictable targets.

"The ad appears only if you connect from China, so it wouldn't be a problem for players elsewhere, but why did [developer-publisher] Bluehole even approved this?"

Here's hoping things improve for Chinese players!

This situation seems bad enough to begin with, but tempers flared yesterday, with Chinese players claiming to have have seen in-game ads advertising an "accelerator" VPN service meant to provide smoother connections to global servers.

PUBG on PS4 isn't as unlikely as you'd expect - developer Bluehole has confirmed it is "in talks" with Sony to make it happen.



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