John Calipari, media go at each other over NCAA scandal

John Calipari didn't like some of the questions at media day

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari said on Thursday that he has not been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the NCAA regarding the current scandal that has rocked college basketball.

Reluctantly granted the opportunity to ask his question, Tipton referenced a recent report that the FBI was expanding its investigation to target all schools sponsored by Nike, which would include Kentucky.

Calipari's name so far hasn't surfaced in the controversy that cost Louisville head coach Rick Pitino his job.

Finally, he just got fed up with the questions, but he picked the wrong reporter to deny.

"Look, it's unfortunate, all the stuff that's come down, but let's talk about my team". "Please. Does anyone here have a question about my team?" Credit to Tipton for insisting on asking his question.

Calipari: (Waving Tipton off) "Anybody have a question ..."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute".

"This is media day, not coach day", Tipton quipped.

"I am entitled to ask a question", Tipton continued.

Calipari: "Ask it. OK".

Then Tipton got the mic, and Calipari would go on to say neither he nor the school has not been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Calipari was asked about reports that the FBI has expanded its investigation into Nike, the shoe company that provides United Kingdom with millions in athletic gear.

He then reluctantly said this about any potential involvement by the University of Kentucky and Nike. What reassurance would you give your fans in Big Blue Nation if they're anxious about what this could mean. I don't know where all this is going.

Calipari: "Wait a minute".

"You're acting like you know something that I don't know.We don't even know if what you're saying is true", Calipari snipped.



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