Celebrities Who Suffer With Chronic Diseases

Celebrities Who Suffer With Chronic Diseases

Celebrities portray a really beautiful picture. When we see them in movies, on television or on the printed page they always look so glamorous. Their hair is always picture perfect with curls just in the right place. Their makeup is matte and flawless with not a pore in site. Their figures are enviable - the women, skinny, athletic or sexy and curvy, the men - big, strong and muscular. There is no doubt that they take extraordinarily good care of themselves. For guidance in the best way to take extra care of your health, click this Research verified review!

Celebrities also have phenomenal talents? From Rihanna who throws out hits non-stop to Leonardo DiCaprio who’s often been Oscar nominated and won, celebrities have talents that go far beyond what’s standard. They shatter every limit and prove that dreams come true. Alas, celebrities are not divine by nature. They are human, just like everyone else and because of this are just as susceptible to falling prey to disease and health issues which may be chronic. The following list of celebrities with chronic disorders may surprise you.

1.   Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is actually a very common chronic disease affecting 5.7 million adult Americans - that’s 2.6% of the Adult population of the U.S., 18 years and older. Bipolar is a very scary disorder as the sufferer will at least once in their life have an “episode” where they will get too manic, living in a very high, almost psychotic state. Straight afterwards they will automatically will feel the deepest depression of their lives. The biggest clue to bipolar disorder is severe mood swings. Once they go through this, intervention is often used and the sufferer will be put on chronic medication for the rest of their lives. Bipolar Disorder is often triggered by drug usage and is often hereditary.

Celebrities who suffer with it are Britney Spears (remember the shaved head, umbrella episode?), Demi Lovato (who is publicly very open about it), Catherine Zeta Jones, Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr, Linda Hamilton, Stephen Fry, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Russell Brand, Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy). There is also a huge list of celebrities past like famous painter vincent Van Gogh who suffered with this disease. It seems it affects people who are very creative, artistic and right-brain oriented. It often affects very gifted and brilliantly talented people.

There are 2 types of Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar 1 disorder involves very severe mood swings from mania to depression. Bipolar 2 disorder is a milder form of mood elevation , where the sufferer will experience a milder form of mood elevation, involving milder episodes of hypomania that alternates with periods of severe depression. Treatment includes psychotherapy, chronic medication, exercise, healthy eating, getting enough sleep (highly important for bipolar sufferers) and avoidance, as much as possible, of alcohol, caffeine and simple sugars.

    2. Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. What happens is that the immune system attacks its own tissues, causing inflammation, damage as well as pain. The symptoms that go with this disease include fever, fatigue, joint pain and a lupus rash. Lupus symptoms can damage the kidneys and may even cause kidney failure. Selena Gomez was very publicly open about her Lupus disease and even had to go a kidney transplant. It was her friend Francia Raisa that gave her a kidney. Now if that isn’t the epitome of what a BFF is, I don’t know what is! Selena continues to be on chronic medication. Other sufferers include Toni Braxton, Nick Cannon, Seal (Discoid lupus erythematosus actually is the reason behind the scars on his cheeks) and Kristen Johnston.

   3. Diabetes

Diabetes is very common as so many people suffer with it each day. It’s all based on your blood sugar levels that need to be controlled in order for you to function properly. There are two types. Type 1 diabetes include 5-10% of all people with diabetes. This is a severe type of Diabetes where the sufferer needs to inject insulin into their bodies every day. Type 2 diabetes develops through bad lifestyle habits and can go away in some cases if it is heavily controlled - with the correct diet of course! Sufferers with Type 2 Diabetes include Tom Hanks, Anthony Anderson, Halle Berry, Randy Jackson, Drew Carey, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Billie Jean King, Larry King, Celebrities with Type 1 Diabetes include singer Bret Michaels, Nick Jonas, ‘Interview With The Vampire’ author Anne Rice and more.

At the end of the day just remember that if you suffer with a chronic disease you are not alone. As the celebrities with such conditions show us, you can suffer with these diseases and still live a highly productive and successful life!



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