Venezuela slams new United States travel ban as 'psychological terrorism'

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Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza last week accused the USA president of being "racist and supremacist" after Mr Trump told the UN General Assembly the United States was ready to act to restore Venezuela's democracy. "Today we must report to the world that our people have been directly threatened by the President of the United States". Trump had threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if forced to defend the USA or its allies.

"The Venezuelan people are starving and their country is collapsing", Trump told the United Nations General Assembly last week.

"If my passport is now in the same lot as the Iranian, North Korean and several Orthodox Islamic countries, it is no wonder", said José Hernández, one of the Venezuelan opposition's representatives in South Florida.

The U.S. had no immediate response to Arreaza's remarks.

Venezuela's Supreme Court gutted the opposition-controlled congress in March. Recently, a new constitutional assembly composed entirely of government loyalists has gone after Maduro's political opponents.

Maduro has blamed the USA government for protests and clashes in Venezuela that rocked the Latin American country for months.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have fled the political tumult, triple-digit inflation and widespread shortages of food and medicine.

Sudan has been removed from the new list that includes North Korea, Chad, Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. He added that the US was "prepared to take further action if the government of Venezuela persists on its path to impose authoritarian rule".

The addition of new countries to the extended USA travel ban, including Venezuela, is an act of "political and psychological terrorism", the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In a speech at the UN General Assembly, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described US President Donald Trump as acting like "the world's emperor".

Some leaders of the Venezuelan community in Miami say that these new changes will contribute significantly in the process of further isolating Maduro internationally.

Amid an escalating war of words, Arreaza said Venezuela would seek dialogue with Washington to "stop the madness and irrationality".

The Venezuelan government rejected U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to impose a travel ban to its citizens through a decree that was signed Sunday.

"For the moment, it has not been possible, but the will is there", Arreaza said.

In a short statement to reporters following his speech, he added: "I insist, if they attack us on the ground, we will respond forcefully in the defense of our country and of our people".



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