United States exhausting patience for diplomatic solution to North Korea crisis: McMaster, Haley

N'Korea will be destroyed if it continues

NIKKI HALEY: The U.N. has shifted over the past several months.

By overwhelming majorities, Americans share the ideals embodied in the UN Charter and support US membership in the world body. General Assembly in NY.

As a presidential candidate he called North Atlantic Treaty Organisation obsolete and, as president, during a visit to the alliance headquarters in Brussels, he shocked US allies by failing to underscore his commitment to their mutual defense.

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has reacted to North Korea's latest missile test over Japan. Meanwhile, in Myanmar, an estimated 400,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since August, adding to a refugee crisis the leaders attempted to address a year ago.

The president has a chance to surprise worldwide leaders with a shift toward coalition-building on the world stage, Alterman said, noting Trump's recent outreach domestically to his political opponents in the Democratic Party.

As the most important global organization, the United Nations is the fattest target for this "sovereigntist" critique.

McMaster said that reform of the U.N.is very much on the table at the meeting in general, with focus on ideas for making the notoriously inefficient organization, whose biennial core budget is $5.4 billion, more streamlined. That's going to take a bit of time, but it's already started to take effect.

Trump will kick off the week with a meeting about United Nations reform on Monday.

The emergency meeting of Security Council was convened at the request of Japan and the US. "My job is to make sure that potential becomes a reality", Guterres told Snapchat.

"One thing that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions both have a great appreciation for is competence, and Sessions' admiration for Trump resulted from the level of the competence Trump exuded as a builder during his congressional testimony", a Trump administration official reported.

HaleyHas President Trump passed enough tests as yet?

Previous administrations have pressed the U.N.to embrace change. "It's possible Guterres could be good cop and Trump could be bad cop".

"We're out of time", McMaster said. Beyond insisting that "all governments... be accountable to their citizens", the United States is determined to bring the United Nations itself to heel.

On Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Security Council resolutions "represent the floor, not the ceiling, of the actions we should take". "America respects the sovereignty of other countries, expects other nations to do the same".

Trump in 2005 claimed he could do the United Nations renovation project for $700 million, and claimed that anyone saying a building renovation is more expensive than building a new building "does not know the business".

The use of the term is a declaration that the USA reserves the right to go it's own way, unhindered by global accords, and signals a break with Obama's emphasis on multilateral approach to worldwide relations.



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