Steve Daines says Chinese cooperation is essential to controlling North Korea

It shows their missiles blowing up American targets

"It will start as early as the end of the year and will help expand our additional defense capabilities", Chung said, in quotes relayed to press by Cheong Yang-seog, deputy floor leader of the Bareun Party in the National Assembly.

The escalating situation with North Korea's nuclear capability has been a source of criticism for President Trump and his team.

Photo South Korean fighter jets during the ceremony on Thursday. Instead, he revealed his intention to keep pushing for the primary objectives of the plan for peace on the Korean Peninsula that he outlined in the Berlin Declaration while focusing on managing the "unprecedented security crisis" caused by North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations.

"North Koreans can launch artillery within seconds and hit Seoul..."

In his speech Thursday, Mr. Moon said his government was accelerating work on three military programs: a pre-emptive strike system known as "Kill Chain" that would target North Korean missile sites; an air and missile defense system; and a program created to launch devastating strikes against North Korea's military and political leadership should it start a war.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Thursday called for the military to "significantly develop" its strategy for "thoroughgoing retributions" against North Korea. "Many of the matters agreed upon in the October 4 summit statement can be implemented even now".

The US now maintains some 28,500 American troops in South Korea as part of its joint defense commitment to its Asian ally.

Mr. Moon has been more aggressive than his conservative predecessors about building up the South Korean military. Restoring military talks was particularly urgent, Moon said, "to relax inter-Korean tensions". The North Koreans have an extensive chemical weapons stockpile. "I'm just grateful for the men and women right now who serve us in the USA military who are operating in an incredible, professional capacity". But even in his address, Moon emphatically stated that "What is clear is the fact that the journey of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula must not end whatever difficulties there may be". "If North Korea stops making rash choices, the table of dialogue and negotiations is always open", Moon said in connection with this point. But if the United States and North Korea continue their game of chicken - like two locomotives racing out of control toward each other - you can't rule out the possibility of a clash that neither side planned or wanted.



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