Orrin Hatch Signals Just How Complicated Tax Reform Will Be

President Donald Trump meets with Democratic and Republican members of Congress including Rep. Josh Gottheimer , in the Cabinet Room of the White House

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday said deporting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought into the country illegally is "not in our nation's interest", as he and President Donald Trump prepared to huddle with top Democrats to try to hash out a legislative fix.

No Republicans were present at the dinner save the president, who was once a Democrat.

The bottom line: The $20 trillion national debt promises to spiral ever higher with Republicans controlling both Congress and the White House.

Trump's one-page proposal, which the White House rolled out in April, not only aims to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15, it also cuts the top rate on individual income from 39.6 percent to 35 percent.

Separately, Republicans leaders said they plan to start to release details of the GOP tax plan in the final week of September.

Still, even amid the president's bipartisan approach, lawmakers are laying the groundwork for getting legislation through the Senate without Democratic support.

"We agreed it would be the DREAM Act", Schumer told reporters, referring to a bipartisan bill that would allow immigrants brought here as children and now in the USA illegally to work their way to citizenship in as little as five years if they meet certain requirements. Brady, a Texas Republican, told members that following the framework's release this month, the focus will turn to the House and Senate completing the budget process by mid-October, the person said. The tax cut for the wealthy will lower federal revenues and make it more hard to pay for essential programs and spending like disaster relief.

House Budget Chairwoman Diane Black of Tennessee said Wednesday it's unlikely that the budget resolution will reach the House floor this month.

"I am addressing it to everybody on the committee, because we got a wide-ranging committee with a lot of different viewpoints and I don't want the committee stifled", Hatch told reporters later. Once you apply the various loopholes and tax credits that Congress has permitted, the average business pays a rate of 18.6 percent, or half of what the "official" rate is.

And White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, "the president is prepared to push for as low of a rate as we can get", according to Reuters.

Members of the far-right House Freedom Caucus reminded Ryan on Thursday that he promised the group when he ran for Speaker in 2015 he would not bring any immigration bill to the floor that didn't have the backing of the majority of his 240-member GOP conference.

Mr. Brady, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, laid out the fall schedule for House Republicans Wednesday morning. Subsequently, the committees will take feedback and write the bills in the weeks ahead.

Constant clean-up work: "Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will resume his role as the reassurer for American allies this week when he heads to Mexico, where he will try to mend relations after President Trump failed to quickly offer condolences for the quake on Friday that killed at least 96 people and severely damaged thousands of homes".

One option would be to work on some small subset of tax reform, such as a revenue-neutral corporate tax reform (not cut).

But Rosenthal said Republicans, having ruled out higher taxes on assets and investment, have few easier choices available to them. "But I'm not totally confident about that".



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