Martin Shkreil jailed for offering reward for strand of Hillary Clinton's hair


Shkreli is best known for ratcheting up the price of HIV drug Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 overnight in 2015. Shkreli awaits his January 16, 2018, sentencing at a federal jail in Brooklyn.

But Judge Matsumoto failed to see the humor in soliciting assault on a public figure.

Prosecutors said Chuckerley's behavior, which posed a threat, forced the US Secret Service to "provide additional resources to ensure the safety of Hillary Clinton".

A federal judge in NY is considering whether the provocative online antics of former pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli (SHKREL'-ee) are bad enough to put him behind bars.

The government sought to get Shkreli locked up as a danger to the community amid the fallout from his social media post, which read: "The Clinton Foundation is willing to KILL to protect its secrets. Will pay $5,000 per hair obtained from Hillary Clinton", the Facebook post stated.

Brafman unsuccessfully pleaded with Matsumoto following the ruling, asking her to reconsider sending Shkreli to what he said would be a maximum security jail, or at least give him until Monday to prove he was not a threat.

Martin Shkreli says his caustic social media rants shouldn't be taken so seriously.

Shkreli's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, argued that, while Shkreli was being dumb with his actions on social media, it wasn't an incitement to violence.

Since his 2015 arrest, Shkreli has repeatedly frustrated his lawyers by courting bad publicity they now fear could hurt his chances for leniency.

"Stupid doesn't make you violent", Brafman said, adding that his client's Facebook posts had shown "immaturity, satire, a warped sense of humor".

But the judge was unmoved. "What is amusing about that?"

"What's amusing about that", Matsumoto responded.

"Judge Matsumoto said that while Mr. Shkreli had edited the original post to say, "this is satire, meant for humor", the next day he put up another post that echoed the first: "$5,000 but the hair has to include a follicle. "Do not assault anyone for any reason ever (LOLIBERALS)". But his behavior changed when Matsumoto said that she had chose to jail him, and he sat quietly at the defense table for the rest of the hearing. After the judge's ruling, he remained expressionless as deputy US marshals led him out a side door of the courtroom without handcuffing him. He will be held at a federal jail in Brooklyn.



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