Kate Hudson C-Section Comments Spark Anger From Moms

Kate Hudson and son Ryder Robinson arrive at the premiere of 20th Century Fox's'Kung Fu Panda 3 at TCL Chinese Theatre

Moms and mom-supporters across social media immediately set her straight.

Though women can choose to have a c-section, a lot of women are forced to undergo the procedure out of health necessity. How very inappropriate and insensitive, ' wrote one follower. I labored for over 24 hours before it was no longer safe for me and my baby.


"The laziest thing I've ever done: Have a c-section!"


"I don't know what sort of c section you had but the one I had was far from lazy!" commented another.

Another Twitter user added: "As women most of us don't choose a c section (sic) I know I didn't, and I have had both and believe me having a c section was one of the hardest things I have ever done I ended up nearly dying I was very very ill and it took a long time to recover, some of us are a little to (sic) sensitive".

'I was going to get induced because the baby was so big. It was soo painful for weeks and I struggled to even lift my baby for days. "I'm sad for you on your viewpoint on this issue and hopefully you can see how insensitive that was".

And this was just one of them - several others pointed out how C-section might be the only way out in complicated situations.

When they're medically necessary, C-sections can help save the life of mother and child during complications, like breech birth and umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord slips into the vagina). But it didn't take long for the pitchforks to come out. Outraged mothers chimed in to explain to the photographer exactly what's wrong with that sentiment, but the stigma against C-section births is still pervasive and widespread. But it was a question about the laziest thing she's ever done that poked the hornet's nest known as the internet.

Kate Hudson finally gave her fans a clear shot of her buzzed-off, naturally brunette hair, sporting a matching style with son Ryder, 13. Others said she was probably just making light of the situation.

But there was a glimmer of support amongst the social media flurry, with Twitter user Jim McClausand pointing out that most C-sections are not a choice, "Hers was so get over yourself".

But joke or not, perpetuating C-section shame is never O.K.



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