Jeremy Corbyn wants to retain trade within the single market post Brexit

Michael Fallon Britain's Secretary of State for Defence arrives at a cabinet meeting in Downing Street London

Asked whether he could envisage the United Kingdom staying in the European Union after all, Corbyn said his party was in a complicated position as most Labour voters backed remain, but a substantial minority voted to leave and the United Kingdom as a whole voted to leave, which must be respected.

Asked about Labour's plans following the implementation period, Mr Corbyn told BBC Radio 4's World at One that he wanted the United Kingdom to continue to "trade within the single market" and said it was "open for discussion" whether this should involve formal membership. Brexit Secretary David Davis said opposing the bill was a vote for "chaos and confusion".

He told Sky News: 'Come Monday evening I think the Labour Party will have their cards called because they toured up and down the country saying they were going to back Brexit.

Sources say Mr Healey, Labour's housing spokesman, told last week's shadow cabinet meeting: 'We are sending the wrong signal to the country with this.

However, about a dozen Labour MPs from Leave-backing constituencies could rebel against Jeremy Corbyn's orders.

To vote down the bill, Labour would need to convince EU supporters in the Conservatives to side with them, but some more vocal pro-EU Conservative lawmakers have said they will vote with the government. It will also smooth the path to Brexit by transferring European Union laws on to the domestic statute book.

He added: "We want a relationship which allows us to trade within the single market".

Mr Corbyn also said he hoped the United Kingdom would "forever" remain a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights and subject to the European Court of Human Rights, which is not an EU body.

"But there are many other EU-related agencies that we should be members of and ensure that this close relationship of manufacturing industry and universities remains and the close relationship of peoples across Europe remains".

British lawmakers were warned that blocking the Brexit repeal bill, due to go before MPs in the House of Commons on Monday night, will lead to a "chaotic" departure from the European Union.

'Providing certainty and stability in the lead-up to our withdrawal is a key priority.

The government says the bill is needed to avoid a legislative black hole on the day Britain leaves the EU.

Mrs Flint, a minister under Tony Blair and later a shadow secretary of state, said it was up to MPs to improve the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and "not kill it at birth" when they begin to debate the legislation at its second reading today.

"Without it, we would be approaching a cliff edge of uncertainty which is not in the interest of anyone". Ministers expect to win the vote comfortably, with Tory Remainers set to keep quiet until the bill returns to the Commons later this year.



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