Here's your first look at Square Enix's Left Alive

Sony Tokyo Game Show 2017

And now, the publisher has revealed new screens and a brief glimpse of some in-game footage from this week's Tokyo Game Show.

There are only a few seconds of gameplay that were shown for both PS4 and PC, but based from what was seen, "Left Alive" appears to be much different than the "Front Mission" games.

Earlier this week, Square Enix announced that they're developing a game from the former developers of Metal Gear Solid and Armored Core series called Left Alive.

To some extent, these questions reflect the premises of the Front Mission tactical-RPGs in whose universe Left Alive is set. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, producer Shinji Hashimoto stated that "We wanted to make a Front Mission with a new lineup". However, the game will not feature multiple endings, although character arcs can be affected depending on how they are played out through the course of the game. That means it occurs sometime between the events of Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved. What did you all think about LEFT ALIVE? The game seems to be set in a dystopian world and as the title suggests, you will have to survive in this harsh environment.

However, the biggest news regarding Left Alive is the team that Square Enix has assembled to work on the project.

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