Dragonball FighterZ Adds Original Character to the Roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ stage

In the latest issue of V-Jump, Bandai Namco teased fans with an early glimpse [VIDEO] of #Android 21. There's no word yet on whether she will be playable, but at the very least it's nice to see Arc System Works steering into the game's narrative with an original character. She's also seen wearing a lab coat, which implies that she is a scientist much like Doctor Gero, the creator of the previous Androids and Cell.

A select few fans will have the chance to play Dragon Ball FighterZ the all new upcoming 2D style fighting game that was first revealed at E3 2017.

Not to be outdone by the newcomer, Namco Bandai also confirmed that the longstanding Dragon Ball duo of Tien and Yamcha will be joining the final roster.

The teaser image showed Yamcha unleashing his Spirit Ball and Neo Wolf Fang Fist attacks while Tien Shinhan is using his Neo Tri-Beam Meteor super. Even then, the fighter's inclusion comes as little surprise after the voice actor behind Yamcha confirmed his role Dragon Ball FighterZ. This role as an Assist Character seemingly confirms that the clown-like hero will not be featured as playable in FighterZ, which many may view as a missed opportunity given the unique moveset and minute stature possessed by the fighter. Earlier today, Akira Toriyama's designs for a brand-new Android went live, and the anime fandom is freaking out over Dr. Gero's latest creation. That's right, one of the most bad-arse Z fighters of all time has been side-lined as Tien's side-kick, possibly only to be called on to self-destruct himself when the going gets tough.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2018.



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