Don't forget Hurricane Jose - and don't return that generator just yet

Hurricane Jose to turn a half-loop in Atlantic

Hurricane Jose, a Category 1 hurricane, remains in the open waters of the western Atlantic. Satellite images of Jose resembled an "amorphous blob" looping in small counterclockwise motions in the Atlantic, where it would remain for the next three days, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Typically, hurricanes that form in this part of the Atlantic go back out to sea and die out, but Jose's "odd forecast track" predicts a circuitous path over the next few days.

Jose is weakening as it moves between the Bahamas, Bermuda and Puerto Rico and is forecast to do a slow, clockwise loop staying away from land.

As of Tuesday morning, the storm was located more than 430 miles north-northeast of Grand Turk Island.

We always keep a close eye on storms in this position.

Tribe brings dead relatives "back to life" for annual Ma'nene festivalWhere is Hurricane Jose?

The same advice from the early days of Irma applies to Jose: an eventual effect on North Carolina or Virginia's weather early next week can't be ruled out, but it's far from assured.

During that time, Jose will be moving generally westward then more northward.

As Irma has been losing steam while it is travelling up the US, eyes have started turning to Hurricane Jose, which is sitting north of the Caribbean Islands.

There will be a noticeable breeze from the east on Monday night and Tuesday, but gusts will only top out at 20 miles per hour. The storm will cross its own wake in a few days. "There is some indication of it getting a nudge towards the Southeast coast by next weekend", said meteorologist Shea Gibson with the forecasting company WeatherFlow.

WPTV Meteorologist Glenn Glazer says as Jose begins its push to the west upper-level steering winds are going to be moving off the east coast of the US along with some of the flow left over from Irma and that should push Irma back out to sea and eventually fall apart.



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