Britain's Labour want to be "the grown-ups" to lead Brexit

PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images
Sadiq Khan's addition will do little to quell anger that the Labour conference line-up is too southern

KEIR Starmer has said Labour could negotiate "a new single market relationship" with the European Union after Brexit.

After months of sticking to a position little different from the Conservative Party's pursuit of a clean break with the EU, Labour changed tack last month by suggesting the four-year transition period to smooth Britain's departure in March 2019. He added: 'Labour are now the grown-ups in the room.

His comments ratchet up tensions as the Labour Party's splits over the crucial withdrawal talks have burst into the open again over the decision not to hold a vote on Brexit policy. Some lawmakers are saying leader Jeremy Corbyn should go further and say, if in power, Labour would stay in the single market for the long term.

Labour is riding high since winning more seats than it was expected to in a June election, when May's attempt to win a stronger hand in the Brexit negotiations failed and lost her Conservatives their majority.

"A number of things came up, including the direction of travel of the Labour party, Labour's ability to communicate and understand what people are saying to them and of course the leadership of the Labour party, and we all know that."
Not acting for narrow political gain. "Let's see if that survives contact with Tory party conference".

Sir Keir said: 'I hope we can reach a new arrangement that works for both of us.

Last week Theresa May proposed a two-year implementation period during which Britain's relationship with the bloc would remain virtually unchanged. About their dogmatic disregard of the national interest.

He also said that Labour was "ready to take charge of the negotiations" and deliver a "sensible" Brexit that respected the result of the referendum.

Labour is "flexible" on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the single market and customs union, shadow Brexit secretary Kier Starmer has today insisted, just hours after a key vote on the matter was blocked.

'I have maintained my support for you, notwithstanding my reservations...

Responding to the speech Tom Brake for the Liberal Democrats said Sir Keir happily condemned the Tories for a lack of vision on Brexit but the reality was Labour was "just as clueless".



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