Blue Whale Challenge: Haryana boy hangs self

Blue Whale suicide challenge You play to die

Karan, a class 10 student, was studying in Panchkula sector-8's DAV school.

A 17-year old boy hanged himself in Panchkula district in Haryana on Friday after falling prey to the Blue Whale challenge+.

Family members of the girl seized the mobile phone and rushed her to the TRL Hospital in Belapahar after she attempted suicide to jump to the next level of the game. His last words beneath these drawings were "I don't deserve to live", "No one cares for me", "No one loves me", "They just use me" and "I should just die".

In one of the pages, diagrams of ways to commit suicide including jumping from high rise building, hanging self and cutting veins were drawn by the deceased.

According to ETV Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Live TV reports, a fourth standard female student received a link of insanely going viral game, Blue Whale Challenge or simply Blue Whale on her cellphone. While they suspect it to be a case of "Blue Whale Challenge", no complaint has been registered with the police yet. Karan's body was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

This case of Blue Whale death is the first case in Haryana. The mother had informed that there was only a slight mark on his wrist but that too was old, he said.5 students under observationThe Panchkula police have identified at least five of his friends, who could also be addicted to the blue whale game. While the victim remained aloof, she also kept playing on her mobile phone most of the times.



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