Apple Watch 3 release date, news and features

There is a gray ceramic version of the watch as well which will be more likely expensive than a standard Apple Watch

With the new third-generation Apple Watch, users won't have to be near their phones to make calls, stream music from Apple Music, and find directions thank to the wearable's new LTE connectivity. The cellular one will start at 399 dollars while the normal one at 329 dollars.

What will it cost?

The new TV will be available on September 22 as well and will begin at $179 for its 32 gigabyte version.

The Apple Watch 3 comes with the watchOS 4 smartwatch operating system and comes with a renewed focus on fitness.

The watchOS 4 release date is September 19th.

Outside the predictable iPhone releases, the Apple Watch Series 3 promises to be a highlight of the forthcoming Apple event.

The biggest feature of the upcoming Series 3, according to Bloomberg, is that it will feature a built-in LTE cellular connection. Meanwhile the Apple Watch Series 1 will remain at $249. With that in mind, it's possible the next Apple Watch will be able to monitor our sleep - without ruining its battery life.

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch in September 2014, banking on the product being the company's next big category.

In terms of design, the wearable looks largely the same, with the exception of the flare of a red dot on the crown button.

To go along with this new addition, Apple announced the Apple Heart Study to look at irregular heart rhythms using data from the Apple Watch and in partnership with Stanford medicine. And in an effort to boast backward compatibility, all straps for the previous models will work just fine.

The reports specifically mention the Apple Watch 3, which is expected to boost the company's profits exponentially during Q3 and Q4 2017.

As far as other changes for the watch itself, there are none.

It details a smart fabric wristband that could theoretically act as an extra display, showing the time or simple notifications.

Best of all, for ounce-conscious athletes concerned about a bulky wrist anchor, Apple announced the Series 3 is the same size as its predecessor.

Of course, the phone is faster, has greater capacity and battery life, and a more intuitive interface.

With the Series 3, wearers can use their cellular number to make and receive calls through the watch.

The update to Apple's streaming-media player is the first since 2015 and comes as the device has lost market share to lower-priced rivals. The display of the new timepiece doubles down as an LTE antenna which enables cellular connectivity.



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