5 things the new Apple TV needs to have besides 4K

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The Apple TV's TV app is also being updated with a bigger focus on live sports and news. If a fifth-generation model is in the works, 4K support must surely be the headline feature for the new box.

The new Apple TV will be improved in terms of gaming capabilities thanks to its improved specifications, too: 4K gaming could make the set-top box move even more towards its console competitors, provided developers and consumers show adequate interest in that side of things.

Indeed that task looks promising. This next item, I feel, isn't asking too much and will very likely turn up as a talking point during tomorrow's unveiling: Two easy tweaks Apple could make to the next Apple TV are adding a better processor (upgrading the current Apple A8 chip to the heady A10) and larger storage sizes than 32GB/64GB. Remarkably, those iTunes purchases will have the same price as HD movies, and users who've purchased HD films already will get upgraded to 4K HDR for free. As you'd expect, Apple has also redone the TV's interface in 4K.

As iTunes material can usually be downloaded to your laptop or iOS device (or perhaps internal storage on the Apple TV itself), this potentially reduces the bandwidth requirements a tad.

You'll be able to order the Apple TV 4K on September 15th for $179, and it'll ship on September 22nd.

More details to follow. In the product demo, the TV's output looked pretty incredible. In 2017. however, 4K is much more prevalent. It also supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Apple has long had big ambitions for changing the way we watch TV. Do some quick math and you'll see that 32GB just doesn't get you as far as it used to.

We expect a serious bump up in hardware. With Google bringing out its own version of the Amazon Echo and other companies like Microsoft rumoured to be following suit, it would make sense for Apple to have something similar - and with Siri on the Apple TV it's already halfway there.



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