Unsealed court documents reveal man's explicit in-flight texts about drugging, raping children

Unsealed court documents reveal man's explicit in-flight texts about drugging, raping children

According to the text messages, Burnworth planned to tape Keller while raping them in their sleep as well. Those two kids have been saved from unthinkable abuse. Burnworth had been acting as their babysitter.

According to court documents, "Burnworth acknowledged having a sexual interest in children, that she was attracted to both boys and girls".

Investigators also found text messages from Kellar allegedly requesting videos of Burnworth "engaged in bestiality, fetish behavior involving feces" and "kid videos", the complaint states.

She allegedly replied: "No I think I can do it if I don't have parents over my shoulder or anxious about who's going to walk in on me".

Police said Gail Burnworth, 50, was the recipient and was babysitting the two kids. Kellar was booked into jail in San Jose as officers arrested Burnworth at a Tacoma home.

Police say the messages that they discovered after seizing Burnworth's phone show the pair plotting child abuse against two children, ages five and seven. Prosecutors say the two suspects told police they were "aroused by children". Both have been charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography, and Kellar has been charged with an additional sexual offense.

The woman who spotted the alleged horrifying messages was a pre-school teacher on her way to a vacation, it emerged on Monday. She snapped a photo of the conversation and took it to a crew member, who called the police.

Michael Kellar has been charged with two counts of attempted child molestation and two counts of solicitation of a sex crime. The woman photographed Kellar's phone with her own, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent continued, and provided the images to investigators.

"My instinct just told me to discreetly take some pictures", she said.

"I don't know how I saw it, I just saw in big text, 'child in their underwear, ' " she told the news outlet.

But the woman rejected the label 'hero, ' telling The Mercury News 'I don't need a bunch of attention.

"I'm ultimately thankful [police] were able to act so quickly, and that those children are safe and suffered no more harm". "I thought, 'What did I just see?' My heart started racing. Seeing something that doesn't seem right to you", she said. "Then I could see more texts coming in". Before I knew it, I was reading messages from the the other person saying, "I'm going to do these things"'. "What she was going to do, what he was asking her to do", Christina said. "She said, 'Hold on, ' and told me I was going to talk with somebody".

The rest happened swiftly: She alerted a flight attendant, who in turn alerted San Jose police airport officers and their specialized sex-crimes unit.

Police alerted authorities in Seattle who tracked down Burnworth at a neighbor's home where she was house-sitting.

Burnworth told investigators that she had sexually assaulted the female child and had made up to 20 videos of the children naked, including photos of the abuse, which she sent to Kellar. Burnworth admitted that also had fantasies of molesting children.

According to a Fox News Report "The passenger's photo, the complaint stated, showed Burnworth informing Kellar that she would be alone with the children on Sunday and that she meant to sedate them with Benadryl and then film herself molesting them while they were asleep".

Meanwhile, the passenger who reported them left the airport and carried on with her vacation.



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