Trump threat against health funds 'childish,' Schumer says


Stable rules and norms are good for political parties, and I suspect they'll eventually be able to work with nearly any new set of media norms, as long as the new way of doing things stays in place for a while.

Trump created the commission in March.

But the Democrats do have a relatively successful scorecard.

The poll, conducted July 28 and 29, surveyed more than 1,130 Americans, including 381 Republicans and 475 Democrats, following the collapse of health care reform in the Senate.

While the Trump administration had been hoping Congress would pass a debt limit bill before embarking on a long summer recess, the House of Representatives already has begun its break and McConnell did not explicitly include the debt limit in a list of legislation to get done before the Senate's recess begins in coming days. For instance, the administration has said that it's determined to repeal the deduction for state and local income taxes, which is an especially big benefit for those in states with high taxes such as NY. In a February race in DE for state Senate, for instance, the Democratic nominee had more than 1,000 volunteers.

As Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard Law School professor, points out on the blog Lawfare, one of the most remarkable aspects of the entire Trump presidency has been the extent to which senior officials treat Trump as if he were not chief executive. Short said, noting the ones who are coming up for re-election.

Democrats are insistent that those payments continue, even though Congress has never approved them. He added that he planned to tell the White House that Republicans need to move on from the issue for now.

Overall, Trump is not a figurehead in the sense of being a stand-in for someone else, so much as someone who does not seem to understand the requirements of being president, says George Edwards III, a professor of presidential studies at Texas A&M University.

No state-level race is going to be a pure referendum on the national climate.

The prevailing public opinion on health care, I am convinced, especially in view of the recent partisan debacle, is that Republicans and Democrats in Congress should work together to fix the most unaffordable and unsustainable elements of Obamacare. The placement of John Kelly as Chief of Staff is also being seen as a means to bring in more discipline in the White House, which will translate into a greater ability to formulate and push through policies.

Wyden said that Republican ideas he's heard are little more than seeking "crumbs for the middle class and big tasty cakes for the fortunate few". "They do tend to track pretty strongly with the popularity of the president". You can read all about them here.

The money is real.

They'd do well to look at the work of the Problem Solvers in the House.

On Wednesday President Donald Trump, without the now familiar photo-op ceremony that customarily accompanies his bill signings and executive orders, reluctantly affixed his signature to a bill toughening economic sanctions against Russian Federation for interference in the 2016 elections, as well as new sanctions against Iran and North Korea. But over the past several months of Donald Trump's presidency, congressional Republicans have slowly started to find subtle ways to oppose and constrain the president.

Antonia Ferrier, a spokeswoman for Mr. McConnell, said Republicans were planning to use "regular order" on tax legislation and the process would go through the tax writing committees in the House and Senate.

But he disputed the notion that Democrats have had all that much success, pointing out that the GOP won a state legislative seat in Louisiana previously held by Democrats while holding a series of their own seats.

"Obamacare isn't working in Nevada, and there's no better example of that than the fact that 14 of our 17 counties will have no coverage option on the exchange next year", Heller said.



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