The next version of Firefox will include support for VR

The next version of Firefox will include support for VR

Aside from Firefox for Windows, WebVR is available for Daydream and Cardboard headsets on mobile Chrome and with desktop headsets thanks to an experimental Chromium build.

Mozilla's Firefox 55 is finally here.

Marking a huge advancement for WebVR, the latest public update of Firefox has been announced today and it now adds support for the Rift and Vive.

Mozilla updates Firefox every six to eight weeks; the last time it upgraded the browser, to version 54, was June 13, or eight weeks ago. Later, WebVR received combined inputs from the Mozilla and Google; Microsoft joined at a later stage.

"If your computer has lots of RAM (e.g., more than 8GB), you might want to try bumping up the number of content processes that Firefox uses from its default four", said Firefox. Mozilla's SVP Sean White has detailed more about WebVR and its history.

For those just tuning in, WebVR is a relatively new technology to spread virtual reality experience across devices.

"WebVR enables developers and artists to create web-based VR experiences you can browse to with Firefox", Mozilla product strategist Nick Nguyen writes in a blog post.

"It was a simple demonstration of an incredibly exciting moment: putting VR on the web". The same was possible earlier but required the user to tweak some hidden settings.

Parts of a web page that use Flash must now be clicked and given permission to run.

Restoring browsing sessions with a high number of tabs now takes only an instant.

You can download the latest Firefox update here. It will include an new interface (nicknamed "Photon") across desktop and mobile, the first stages of Project Quantum to improve performance, and legacy Firefox add-ons will no longer be supported. Next step is search for Firefox Nightly over the store and download it.



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