'Sikkim standoff: China says its restraint has 'bottom line'

Sushma Swaraj claimed that she had not delivered any speech in the Bandung conference the opposition parties have downloaded a purported speech and will attach it as proof said people aware of the matter

The overnight statement from Beijing raises concerns of an escalation in military action on the Doklam plateau after several weeks of tension between Chinese and Indian soldiers in the sparsely-populated region.

Asking India to withdraw, China said the "trespassing" of Indian troops in Doklam was a "betrayal" of a treaty signed in 1890, and India had used Bhutan as an "excuse" to violate the worldwide border between the two countries. India said its troops were attempting to urge the Chinese forces not to change the status quo and that any construction would have "serious security implications for India". China once again demanded the withdrawal of Indian troops, citing it as a "pre-condition" for any talks to take place between the two countries. A "strong India-US partnership", declared Swaraj, is "critical" for "upholding an global rules-based system"-i.e. a US-led order-across the Indo-Pacific region".

Ren said the Chinese military "has remained highly restrained", but "the restraint is not without a bottom line". This, the statement said, was down from a high of 400 Indian troops. At the same time, China has once said in a threatening tone that India should not test its patience on the Doklam dispute because there is also a limit to patience.

By adopting a "hard line stance" towards China, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing his country into war and "gambling" with the destiny of its people, a Chinese daily said.

Baglay, however, dismissed Beijing's allegation that Thimphu had not asked India to send troops to Doklam Plateau to stop the Chinese PLA from building a road along the disputed China-Bhutan boundary.

The foreign ministry issued a paper on Wednesday elaborating on what has transpired - and the Chinese government's position over the incident - warning India not to underestimate China's resolve to defend its territory.

India wants to resolve the dispute over the standoff between their armies in the Sikkim sector diplomatically, but China says it won't talk unless India withdraws troops from Doklam.

"We will not lose our patience, dialogue through diplomatic channels is the solution to this problem right now".

Bhutan recognises Doklam as its area while China claims it as part of its Donglang region.

"Ultimately, you have to understand that India can not stand up to China without American help and support".

By asserting that the boundary in the Sikkim sector is delimited under the 1890 Pact, China is portraying that Indian troops have crossed into Chinese territory into Doklam.

Landlocked Bhutan, a small Himalayan nation tucked between the two Asian giants, is hugely dependent on New Delhi and does not have diplomatic relations with Beijing. India and Bhutan call it Bhutanese territory.



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