Deadly Premonition director Swery announces RPG about people who turn into cats

Newest Game from SWERY Announced

Those plans have been accelerated, as game crowdfunding platform Fig sent out an email announcing Swery's next title The Good Life. Naomi herself will learn to morph into a feline where she'll be able to access places previously out of reach in human form.

Welcome to The Good Life. Here, you'll play as Naomi, a photographer from NY who finds herself stuck in this small town in rural England. Is this why everyone in town is so happy? The England-based town, called Rainy Woods, actually bears a dark secret though: there's a mysterious murder, and all its residents surprisingly turn into cats come nightfall.

Nobody seems to recall what they do at night, but the town is curiously cheerful.

The townspeople aren't the only ones who get to roam around at night as a cat -Naomi does too! The town, Rainy Woods, is described by its residents as "the happiest town in the world", but it holds mysteries within it that Naomi will have to uncover.

In addition to its narrative objective, the transition from human to cat will also affect gameplay, "as certain secret paths, rooftops, and attics can only be accessed by cats".

But with SWERY you never know, especially given the weird tonal shifts in the still uncompleted - and likely to stay that way - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die.

Hello everyone. I'm SWERY, the director of The Good Life. Judging by his review, Jon "Log" Blyth had more fun with it than I did-however Swery65's Deadly Premonition remains one of my favourite games of all time. Please support The Good Life and help us bring this game to life. Here's the campaign page, but it's not live yet. From the bottom of my heart, I feel so proud to be announcing this game with Fig, a next-generation publisher. Until then, more details about this mystery RPG will remain a, uh, mystery.



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