Battlefield 1 now available on EA and Origin Access

Battlefield 1 Screenshots

EA has added DICE's WWII shooter, Battlefield 1, to both the Origin and EA Access Vault, making it free for subscribers on either service.

The full Battlefield 1 experience is available to download from EA/Origin Access minus the DLC expansions.

Battlefield 1 launched last October and was a smashing success for the publisher.

While the Premium Trial has come and gone already, Electronic Arts' announcement points to it returning later in August.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer in Battlefield 1 is just as large as previous entries in the franchise with matches featuring up to 64 players. Fight in a series of interconnected multiplayer battles in Operations mode, where attackers must break through the defense's line and push the conflict onward across multiple maps. The Xbox version does get the advantage of more EA Sports titles like Madden and Federation Internationale de Football Association, but Origin users can dive into any of the first three Mass Effect games as well as the Dragon Age titles and other EA IPs like Crysis and Dead Space. With both games now coming to the Access Vault, it opens the floodgates for new players to join.

Xbox 360 backward compatible titles, such as the original Mass Effect trilogy, are included as part of EA Access. The Titanfall 2 campaign was particularly well received, though unfortunately the game didn't sell too well during the crowded holiday season.

Get EA Access now. Access users who pay up get not only the World War I shooter but also Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline as well as Bad Company 2; the latter of which being exclusive to the Xbox version of the service.



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