Baltimore Mayor On Confederate Statues: 'I Wanted Them Out Of The City'

Baltimore Mayor On Confederate Statues: 'I Wanted Them Out Of The City'

The mayor said she's been working on removing the statues for months.

According to historians and the SPLC report, most Confederate monuments were erected during the Jim Crow era of racial segregation and in response to the civil rights movement.

Some say they mark history and honor heritage.

According to historian Jonathan Horn, Lee was often consulted in his lifetime about proposals to erect monuments to Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson and others.

Were the events in Charlottesville the catalyst that finally got these statues down? And yesterday in Durham, North Carolina, an impatient mob toppled another Confederate.

To historians, what tends to be missing from Confederate monuments is the full picture of what they really stand for. Add to our historical remembrance rather than subtract it?

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the sole African-American member of the MS delegation, had demanded his state flag not be displayed due to its inclusion of the Confederate battle flag.

The symbols include statues, monuments, schools, parks, streets, and highways named after Confederate generals; districts that celebrate Confederate-related holidays; public buildings that feature Confederate flags; and even cities that issue commemorative license plates.

"What should go in their place is a plaque of sorts that tells what was there and why it was removed".

Moving them to a museum lets people choose whether to interact with them within a proper historical context.

"A healthy democracy and people within that democracy should be able to say, 'This is our history.' And history is made up of actions of human beings, and human beings aren't ideal", said Jeffrey F. Addicott, who stressed he was speaking for himself and not the law school. If we had turned decisively to making living memorials, we might not be in the position we are in today, in which thousands of memorials are spread throughout the country, often embedded in communities that feel it is their right to determine the meaning and resonance of the object, including diverse communities that resent the presence of racist relics, and bigoted enclaves that want to preserve them.

McAuliffe had previously said he did not think the monuments needed to be removed. It's up to the people, he said.

It took nearly two years for the University of Texas to find a new home for a statue of Jefferson Davis.

The removal of four monuments from public spaces in New Orleans stunned historians who thought, after six years of debate, that the day would never come. They claim Charlottesville City Council acted beyond its authority when it voted 3-2 to remove the statue.

The commission would still need to formally recommend the removal and/or relocation of the five statues for anything concrete (statue joke) to happen. The board is also expected to relocate the Hillsborough County Civil War Veterans Monument.

A photo taken at the scene of the Taney monument Tuesday night shows an information placard titled "Reconciling History". The group found a home for it in Oak Ridge Cemetery south of Gainesville.

In Nashville, dozens of protesters gathered in the Tennessee Capitol on Monday to renew calls to remove a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate cavalry general and an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Criteria for which monuments would be moved has not been set.



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