Open internet advocates join forces to protect net neutrality from internet providers

Net Neutrality Supporting Tech Companies Want You to Imagine a World With Slower Internet

"If net neutrality is lost, there is no way of turning back: Big corporations will own the internet, big corporations will decide what we see online, big corporations will dominate the public opinion, big corporations will dominate any future decision to be made in politics", said Matthias Pfau, co-founder and developer of Tutanota.

"But now, there's an added level of, who has the hand on the throttle of the internet, is it your internet service provider, is it companies, is it the websites you visit", he said.

Alongside those joining protests from Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat is the dating site OkCupid, holiday service Trip Advisor, and adult video site PornHub - which also happens to be one of the most popular sites in the world, outranking MSN, Bing and Tumblr. "Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more". Net neutrality becomes even more important when you consider other financial interests the ISPs have: for example, both Sky and BT provide TV services alongside their broadband businesses.

As with other ISP groups weighing in on Advocacy Day, USTelecom wants Congress to step in. Part of this involves rolling back the net neutrality ruling Title II, which the FCC described as "threatening the very open internet it purported to preserve" by risking investment and innovation.

Ajit Pai, President Donald Trump's FCC chairman, has opted to kill the regulations and opponents are anxious providers will be able to charge websites for better Internet connections.

Popular online forum Reddit displayed a slow-loading logo and a pop-up notice warning its users of the risks associated with repealing net neutrality rules. But no service provider before has attempted to co-opt the net neutrality fight in quite the same way as AT&T Inc.

The outcome of the FCC consultation has wide-ranging consequences for the future of the internet. "Existing net neutrality rules should be enforced and kept intact".

Greener believes that one of the reasons these companies are in support of the protest is so that they will not lose the ability to charge users more cash for less internet.

Right now, net neutrality is protected by Title II of the Communications Act, which considers ISPs "common carriers" and subject to regulations similar to utility providers. In the past, developers such as Lorne Lanning, the creator of the Oddworld series, have spoken out in support of net neutrality.

At Etsy, a banner ran across the top of the homepage which read "Join our effort to keep the internet fast and fair" with a link to the petition.

The deadline for comments on the FCC's proposal is July 17, and 5.6 million have already been sent, according to The Associated Press.



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