N. Korea, China … are we afraid?

North Korean ICBM Missile Test

DPRK state-media called the missile the Hwasong-14 and claimed it could strike the us mainland. First, China seems intent on expanding its borders, which has led them into territorial disputes with the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

China, North Korea's most important economic partner, has been increasing restrictions against North Korean activity in the country. "At least I know China tried!" In short, China's desire to expand its territory places USA allies and trading partners in harm's way.

The US tested its THAAD missile system on Tuesday by shooting down a simulated incoming intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM).

It took five days to adopt UNSC Resolution 1718 following the first nuclear test in 2006, 18 days to adopt UNSC Resolution 1874 in response to the second nuclear test in 2009, and 23 days to adopt UNSC Resolution 2094 after the country's third nuclear test in 2013.

The news follows new sanctions from the Department of Treasury, and Washington trying to use North Korean sanctions enforcement as an incentive for the DPRK's allies to alleviate their own US designations.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Chinese exports of iron to North Korea for civilian purposes do not relate to the sanctions targeting Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs, and China will continue implementing the resolutions "in an all-out manner". This approach has been a dismal failure. The U.S. has recently imposed sanctions on Chinese firms suspected of channeling funds for North Korea's development of nuclear weapons, and its effect is yet to be felt.

Along with the Moranbong Band, the concert had North Korea's other top headliners - a similar pop ensemble called the Chongbong Band, the uniformed State Merited Chorus and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe.

A delegation of Opposition leaders have met North Korean embassy officials in New Delhi amid stand-off between USA and Pyongyang, according to Indian Express greport.

While the relationship between the two nations has long simmered, the past four decades have focused on North Korea's quest to attain nuclear capabilities and the United States' efforts to prevent it from doing so.

Another point missed by the president is China's limitation and inability to reign in its client state's ambitions. The Austrian Hungarian Empire pacified the often-unstable Balkans for hundreds of years.

He had pledged to reopen joint commercial projects with the North, including Kaesong, but has modified that position by saying there must first be progress on suspending North Korea's nuclear program.

Of course, my proposal has some obstacles.

Russian Federation and China had called earlier this month for an alternative solution of the standoff to prevent a regional arms race and potential military confrontation, providing their own roadmap. Since there is little prospect of achieving this goal by continued posturing and issuance of sanctions, there are only two ways that President Trump can make the world safe from North Korea. Do you think this is a fair criticism?



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