Doomfist's new Overwatch trailer makes us lust after an animated series

Overwatch Doomfist news released today

At long last, Overwatch is adding one of its most anticipated heroes to the roster.

His passive ability also generates personal shields when ability damage is dealt - sometimes beyond 250HP - making him an interesting frontline pick for chokes. An enemy Mercy or Ana would be a good choice, especially since Doomfist can so easily fly over the tops of their defense at blistering speeds. If that is indeed the case, and it is Doomfist, then we can probably expect him to make his presence felt real soon. Doomfist can use his Hand Cannon to deal damage from a distance as well as slam down on enemies to knock them into the air.

With this Ultimate, Doomfist will leap into the air, and you'll be able to target a "strike" by moving the target circles and selecting a target. Leaping forward and smashing his fist into the ground, he knocks nearby enemies towards him and in the range of his fists.

The post goes on to recount how Doomfist was broken out of prison by "a black shadowy figure", who is believed to be Reaper. While Doomfist is fairly fast when he's not utilizing any of his abilities, his charge and uppercut attacks allow him to reach far away areas of the map as quickly as Overwatch's fastest characters. In the PTR, it's hard to judge how Doomfist can reasonably perform in a normal game setting, because players on the PTR don't care about team composition at all. Even more exciting is Blizzard's move to a 2-D animated featurette instead of the Pixar-esque animated shorts they have been known for.

Today, Blizzard announced Doomfist as the 25th Overwatch hero.

Aside from the origin story, more of Doomfist's background is also explained in the Developer Update, also seen below, along with an explanation of his abilities. As part of the game's lore, Doomfist is a name to fear as he is one of the leaders of the Talon terrorist organization, directly opposing Overwatch as one of the world's greatest threats. Early tests from Overwatch's top players suggest that he's nearly as mobile as Genji.

A roadmap based on how earlier announcements have been treated by the Overwatch team may give us a clue in what will happen next.



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