US Senate poised to unveil health care bill

That may devastate families struggling to pay for long-term care for elderly parents, since almost two-thirds of people in nursing homes rely primarily on Medicaid.

Murkowski says she worries about the one provider left in Alaska and the rising costs of premiums for Alaskans. Corona says Medicaid helps his son Anthony get out of bed every morning. With Obamcare there were multiple public hearings and Republicans still complained Democrats were attempting to rush passage of the plan. "It's going to be important to get the president's support to get us across the finish line".

The bill would let states get waivers to ignore some coverage requirements under Obama's law, such as specific health services insurers must now cover.

Those subsidies are expected to be linked to recipients' income, a "major improvement" from a healthcare overhaul bill passed in the House of Representatives that tied them exclusively to age, Republican senator Susan Collins said on Wednesday. There is no legislative congressional admission that the reasons for the health care crisis is because of the private insurer multi-payer system, while drug makers continue to be exempt from drug price regulation.

The House plan would result in the loss of health care benefits to 23 million people, the Congressional Budget Office predicted.

Some others will groan and feign adamant opposition to wrangle a few last-minute deals to sweeten the pot, but they face the same reality as their House brethren.

"It'll make people's deductibles skyrocket" said 39-year-old Shannon Sowards, a Trump supporter.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously said he wants the full Senate to vote on the measure next week, but it's not clear if the GOP will have the votes to pass it.

The protest, led by disability advocacy group ADAPT, was meant to emphasize the possible human toll of the bill's Medicaid cuts.

What hasn't been a secret, is that The White House, McConnell and other Republican Senators want to move on to tax cut and infrastructure legislation as soon as possible.

The Washington Post, citing two GOP sources, said McConnell could bring the measure to a vote next week even if he doesn't have the votes, though some believe that he's just trying to press his colleagues to support the bill. A vote would occur next week after budget analysts assess the package.

In a video statement released by his office Wednesday, Sullivan said the senators working on the bill could have been more open in writing it but he said he remains committed to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican plan to convert Medicaid funding to a block grant would cause 20 million people to lose coverage over a 10-year period, on top of 11 million Americans who would lose coverage by a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. The tax, which affects high-income Americans and was imposed to help pay for Obamacare, has been a key target for Republicans.

The repeal bill approved last month by the House would bar the use of federal tax credits to help purchase insurance plans that include coverage of abortion. If dropped, it could cost the bill some votes from conservatives which could prove to be a problem as Senate Republicans can only afford to lose two party votes of the 52.

Just how the Senate would handle Medicaid expansion remains to be seen - leaders are expected to release the plan on Thursday. McConnell's hoped-for vote within a week is likely to be met with significant resistance from Democrats, and some Republicans hinted they may not be willing to vote for the bill without more time to review the measure and gauge their constituents' feelings.

The law is credited with expanding health insurance to millions of Americans.

Republicans have "responsibility to act" on ObamaCare Senate GOP releases ObamaCare repeal bill with deep cuts to Medicaid Live coverage: Senate GOP unveils its ObamaCare repeal bill MORE (R-Ky.) said ObamaCare is "on the edge of collapse" in a floor speech moments after the GOP's healthcare bill repealing the law was made public.



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