The Mummy Movie Review

Tom Cruise appears in a scene from

Cruise and Crowe have been mates for well over 20 years and they've never worked together until now. Why does "The Mummy" spend so much time in 12th century England? For me, I will stick with 1999 and Brendan Fraser's Kevin O'Connell.

For a hard-core Tom cruise fan this movie was a tear jerker! That, Six credited screenwriters and three editors could not make more of this hodgepodge action horror comedy is such a pity.

The movie fast forwards to present day to follow American soldier Nick Morton (Tom Cruise).

She praised Kurtzman for making the blockbuster a very female-led movie, with Annabelle Wallis of Peaky Blinders fame also sharing screen-time with Cruise. He digs in and accidentally releases a mummified Egyptian princess (Sofia Boutella) who has plans to destroy the world.

Her power grows by the second - destroying everything in her path. Captured, she is buried alive in Mesopotamia but is freed when Morton, Halsey, and Vail discover her sarcophagus. Jen has secrets of her own, though, like how she works for Russell Crowe who-twist!-plays Dr. Jekyll. Ahmanet is a different type of mummy and unfortunately gets lost in the story. What we have instead is, Boutella simply sauntering throughout with no actual menace to chill her audience and that's in spite of her multiplied pupils and scary body tattoos. It doesn't give us much to look forward to in the many movies to come. The organization is pretty cool. That's enough writing talent to suggest that the awfully clunky results are the result of too many cooks in the kitchen serving - to mix a metaphor - two masters: Universal and Tom Cruise. He also shows a greater depth of emotion than we usually see from him.

"And when you do a fight scene like that, you have to throw a real punch, you have to be so experienced that you have to know exactly how to miss and their technical ability to choreograph that while also protecting each other was pretty fantastic to watch". Actors deliver lines with reckless intensity and most scenes carry little, if no dramatic weight.

Upon being unearthed, Ahmanet zeroes in on Cruise's character and identifies him as her chosen one, which has something to do with immortality.

"We pay homage to all (the other movies), but really its roots stem from that 1932 film in terms of classic composition and somewhat of the tone". Hopefully, the next film in the Dark Universe series, Bride of Frankenstein, is better.

As far as "Mummy" movies go, this one's not all bad.

Of course, the Hollywood machine can bring competency to the table and they actually nearly made a decent movie had they not pulled their punches at the end.



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